Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bennett Spring Fishing Report for 9-1-2011

How's Fishing?

The fishing was very good last weekend.  The tag sales have gone down dramatically during the middle of this week, as expected the week before labor day.  Because the tag sales are down (just about 300 today) there aren't as many fish dropped in the waters. On the flip side, it does make it a nice experience for the anglers that are here, because there is so little competition for favorite spots. The water is clear enough for those who like to sight fish or for drifting that top water fly.  What I call the very traditional Bennett lures have been working the best.  John Deere and bedspreads are blowing out the door.  We finally pre-packaged them in groups of 13 for $6 to make it easier for you to grab what you need and get back to fishing.

It's going to be a glorious Labor Day Weekend. After a hot spell mid week,  look for a cool down to low 80's for the weekend.  No rain in sight.  Perfect chance for  one more time to enjoy a picnic or s'mores around the campfire.

Water Conditions
  •        The Spring is currently putting out 187 cubic feet per second, down - gradually - from last    week.
  •        The water level currently measures 2.13 feet at the Gage House,
  •        The water continues to be clear.

Weather Forecast:
Thursday: Sunny and hot, with a high near 97. South wind between 5 and 13 mph.
Friday: Mostly sunny and hot, with a high near 93.  
Saturday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 90. 
Sunday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 83. 
Labor Day: Sunny, with a high near 77. 

Calendar of Events:
September 13th and 14th are moss cutting days
October 7th, 8th and 9th is the Holland Derby for the American Cancer Society
October 31st is the last day of regular season
November 11th, is the opening day of catch-and-release season

What's Working?

Zones one and two
renegade - size 14
Black Caddis
   Glo balls: white, tri color original 
john    deere and bedspread
marabou: gingersnap, salmon & brown, ginger.  
Copper colored brassie, red brassie, and white brassie
cracklebacks - sulfur, chartreuse, green grizzly
   pale morning dun, pale evening dun - also is the fly of the month at Weaver's
Tinsel    mini jig
Rainbow Rooster tail, copper metallic, gold metallic
Olive woolly bugger, ginger woolly bugger
unweighted glo balls, brown or tan

Zone three
White Power Bait extra scent,
Trout nip
Marshmallows - multi-color

From the Mail-Bag:
I mentioned in an earlier report that Matt had come in to our store and we started talking.  He let me know that he and his wife were expecting their second child and that the new baby was to be named  Bennett.  I asked him if he would please let me know when he was born and how everyone was doing.  This is the e-mail I recently received:
  I just wanted to let you know that baby Bennett Louis Eversmann was born 8-17-11 and weighed 8lbs 7oz!!!  Hopefully this will make the lunker list.  Mom (Melissa) and baby are doing great.  I cannot wait to bring him fishing in the next couple of years and meet everyone down there.  We are truly blessed and big sister Adelaide is truly proud.   I cannot wait to pass on my knowledge of fishing and especially fly fishing to my children as I think it is a very valuable and bonding experience!
Thanks again,
Matt, Melissa, Adelaide and Bennett too!

Weaver's Tackle Store Buy of the Week:
Time for some new tippet on that fly rod.  May we suggest climax tippet - regular $3.49.  Mention this ad - for you, a special deal: 2.99. 

Quote of the Week
"For the rich there's therapy, for the rest of us there's fly-fishing."
Sum Won

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