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How's Fishing

The water is lower than it has been for quite some time.  As  you can see from the pictures, it is also clearing up nicely.  If you have been using four pound line, you may need to switch to a two pound.  The moss is getting cut today and should be cleared out by late week.  The classic smaller lures are working well, such as mini jigs (john deere, thread jig and white floss).  For the fly fisherman, a scud in green or tan are suggested as well as a WD40 or a midge.  I haven't heard a consistent size on either of these, they all seem to be working.  This week the fish are venturing out of their deep holes and looking for little treats on top water.  Black Caddis and Renegades are two of the lures that are good this time of year..
We are expecting some rain later this week, but nothing heavy until Sunday night, so the stream should remain in the same condition through the weekend.  Although I have seen some very decent stringers, and anglers have told me they have caught-and-released over 30 fish a day, there is still grumbling about the size and numbers of the trout.  We have a new hatchery, and with a little luck and some good fish management, we should be seeing an improvement in the size of the fish.  Mike Mitchell is the hatchery manager, and he is always willing to field your questions about the state of the fish at the park.


Who's Fishing?

I talked with several people this week about what they were using and the success that they were having.  Steve, a catch-&-release angler, was using a WD40 and caught over forty fish one morning.  I suggested it to a couple other fly rod folks and they had good success with it as well.
 Joe Waters, from St. Louis was having a great time fishing, too.  He was catching his limit, but even more important for him, he had a chance to hang out for a whole week with his long time friends, Tyler Sandos and Dennis Kennon.  Joe's Dad, Joe Sr. also had one day he could fish and be with the boys.
 I also talked with Ron Petroll from Liberty who said that he caught a seven foot trout that weighed 48 pounds.  Then he woke up. As they say, first liar doesn't have a chance.

What's Working?
Zone 1 or 2
White Floss
Gold plated green or black & yellow woolly
Crawdad Marabou - 1/8 oz
red & white mini marabou
john deere
glo balls - white, salmon with dot, egg with dot, easter egg, jimi hendrix
Rooster tails - Yellow & black, brown with orange tail, white with silver blade
peacock grub
copper john
Black & yellow, gingersnap, ginger, or white marabou
brassie - gold with gold bead, red
pheasant tail nymph
Zone 3
Gulp minnow grub, chartreuse,
Berkley Powerbait Orange, white
Trout Nuggets, orange

Lunker Club
Joseph Phelps from KC MO
2 pounds on a gingersnap marabou
Randy Crall from Lebanon, MO\
2-1/4 pounds on orange power  bait.

Fishing Times

Regular Season for Trout Fishing at Bennett Spring is March 1st to October 31.

May: 6:30 to 8:15
June and July: 6:30 to 8:30
August: 7:00 to 8:00 pm
September: 7:30 to 7:15
October: 7:30 to 6:30

Catch-and- release season is the second Friday in November through the 2nd Monday in February. Times for catch-and-release are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday only.

Water Conditions
All measurements are in cubic feet per second (CFS) with the exception of the Gage House reading.
Most Recent Instantaneous Value on April 9th is 249 CFS, a nice steady decrease from one week ago when it was almost 300.  The rate it is flowing now is normal for this time of  year.
Minimum was 78 in 1934.  The state lost most of it's fish that year.  Bennett was one of the few that could support any at all.  It's best not to live in interesting times.
The 25th percentile is 148, the median is 225 and the mean is 293.
The 75th percentile is 356 and the max was 1620 in 1967
The water level at the Gage House is 2.49, .This is about 6 inches over a mid summer level at the Gage house.
The difference can be more or less significant in different parts of the stream.


If your group or activity would like to be included in this calendar, please let me know.
Our email is weavers.fishingtales@gmail.com
May 14 & 15  was Moss Cutting

May  21 & 28 Fly tyers forum at Weaver's Tackle store at 7pm.
check facebook Fly Tyer's Forum at Weaver's or email fly.forum@aol.com

June 8 & 9 Free Fishing Weekend

June 25 & June 26 Moss Cutting

August 6 & 7 Moss Cutting

September 17 & 18 Moss Cutting

October 12 & 13 Holland Derby

October 31 end of Regular Season

November 8 Catch and Release Season begin

Quote of the Day

Your first trout is like your first love. You never forget it!
Author:  Jimmy D Moore

Thanks for reading.  Lucy

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