Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 20, 2013

How's Fishing?
Summer is officially here.  Anglers and friends of anglers are
flocking to the streams of Missouri.  We had a pretty good amount of
rain a couple of days ago and the stream lost some clarity, but it
didn't change the flow of the stream as much as it could have and, by
later this week, it should be in good shape.  The old familiar lures
that you love are still working well.   John Deere and pink & white or
Gingersnap marabou (size 1/32 and 1/64 ounce) are working well.  Size
12 Cracklebacks in tan or chartreuse are a good choice.  The midges
from the last week or two are giving way to renegades, gnats and
This weekend is forecast for hot and dry weather with a few pop-up
storms.  A good excuse to stand in the stream and fish away.

A Special Thanks

We would like to thank all who donated this past weekend to the bake
sale held in the Family Crossing Bennett Room,  Deb and Corky
Hinkle,are the new owners of Family Crossing - we appreciate their
generosity in allowing the use of the room.  In addition, George
Sharon Franks, our web page photographer, donated quite a few framed
photographs of the Bennett Spring area which sold very well.  Thanks
to the new Bennett Spring Fire Department auxiliary leaders, Guy and
Margie Miller, who put it all together.  Thank you to Phyllis Scott
who knocked on doors for donations, and all who baked the yummy
treats.  The important work that the Bennett Spring Volunteer Fire
Department does was brought home to us with the recent events in the
park (four condos burned to the ground a couple of weeks ago - See the
story in a previous fishing report.).  When there is a medical
emergency, the first ones on the scene are members of the Bennett
Spring Fire Department.   If you ever got a hook in your hand, you
probably know Ed Elersic.  The Bennett Spring Fire Department is also
the First Responder for this area.  From a heart attack to kids
getting too crazy on the River, they answer the calls.  I have
mentioned a lot of people here and have left out twice as many.  If
you are reading this but don't have the privilege of living in this
area, I hope you never meet any of them.  But know that if you do,
they are a caring and capable group of people and when you are asked
for a donation to the Fire Department, please be generous.

What's Working?

Zone 1 & 2
Bedspread, John Deere and white floss
brown woolies, black wooly bugger
Marabou: black & yellow, gingersnap, pink & white, orange, orange &
yellow, christmas tree
Glo Balls: Easter egg
Rooster Tails: Brown trout, brown with orange tail, bumblebee.
white with red tip brassie
Crackleback chartreuse and chartreuse grizzly, olive green, tan

Zone 3
Berkley Power Bait, orange, white extra scent, Chunky Cheese
Berkley pink worms

Lunker Club
Jake Anthony from Lebanon, MO
2-1/2 pounds in zone 2 on a black wooly bugger

Josh Mesmer from Kansas City, MO
2-1/2 pounds on a black & gold marabou

Riley Boyd (age 7) from Lebanon, MO
3 pounds on cheese dough bait in the Niangua River

Michael McAteer from O'Fallon, MO
2 pounds on a pink & white Marabou in zone2

Carl Cannell from Fulton, MO
2-1/4 pounds on gulp Salmon Eggs, white, in the River

Fishing Times

Regular Season for Trout Fishing at Bennett Spring is March 1st to October 31.

          June and July: 6:30 to 8:30
          August: 7:00 to 8:00
          September: 7:30 to 7:15
          October: 7:30 to 6:30

Catch-and- release season is the second Friday in November through the
2nd Monday in February. Times for catch-and-release are 8:00 am to
4:00 pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday only.

Water Conditions

All measurements are in cubic feet per second (CFS) with the exception
of the Gage House reading.
Most Recent Instantaneous Value on June 18 is 211 CFS,The rate it is
flowing is normal for this time of year.
Minimum was 80 in 1977.
The 25th percentile is 127, the median is 156 and the mean is 193 The
75th percentile is 223 and the max was 660 in 1985
The water level at the Gage House is 2.34, It has dropped about
2/10ths of an inch since last week.
The difference can be more or less significant in different parts of the stream

Calendar of Events
 If your group or activity would like to be included in this calendar,
please let me know.
          Our email is

 June 25: Fly tyers forum at Weaver's Tackle store at 7pm.
check facebook page - Fly Tyer's Forum - at Weaver's or email

June 25 & June 26 Moss Cutting

August 6 & 7 Moss Cutting

September 17 & 18 Moss Cutting

October 12 & 13 Holland Derby

October 31 end of Regular Season

November 8 Catch and Release Season begin

Weather Forecast

Thursday: Sunny, with a high near 83. North wind around 8 mph.

Friday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 84. Southeast wind 6 to 10 mph.

Saturday: A 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Mostly
sunny, with a high near 89.

Sunday: A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Partly sunny, with a
high near 85.

Monday: A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Partly sunny, with a
high near 84.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 85.

Quote of the Week

Love affairs, viewed from the sanctuary of middle age and bittersweet
memory, are almost impossible to document, because human emotion is a
merciful thing. It is different with trout. Trout are absolutely
unique in that a man's initial involvement seldom becomes a wry memory
dismissed as the folly of youth. It is simply love at first sight,
perpetuated and strengthened through a lifetime. One's affection for
this lovely creature steadily increases as the years slide by.
Author::  Frank Woolner
Published::  Trout Hunting - 1977

Thank you for reading.  Lucy

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