Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 31, 2013

How's Fishing?

October has been a fabulous month for fishing at Bennett Spring.  The weather held out until Tuesday of this week and the fish are some of the largest we have seen all year.  In fact, one fourth of all lunkers caught in 2013 were caught in the month of October.  What I would forecast from this, for the winter catch-and-release season, is that it could be one of the best we have seen in several years.   A lot of people have asked if Weaver's will be open this winter.  We will not, but please feel free to call us and, if we are able to, we will open the store for you to shop.  
This fishing report will be random during the next few months, but I will attempt to bring you updates and fresh photos when I can.  Also, I will continue the tradition of mentioning the friends of Bennett who have passed away this past year.  If there is someone you would like to add, please e-mail (weavers.fishingtales@gmail.com) the name as well as a little bit about this person and I will include them in a future report..  

Water Conditions

Most Recent Instantaneous Value on October 29, 2013:
Spring output is 120 cubic feet per second
Minimum for this date was 68 (in 1935)
25th percentile is 94, Median is 114, the mean is 126
75th percentile is 138 and the Max was 363 in 1971.
The water level at the Gage House is 2.01 feet.

Fishing Times

Catch-and- release season is the second Friday in November - November 8th this year, through the 2nd Monday in February - February 10, 2014.   Times for catch-and-release are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday only.

Lunker Board

Ernie Cole from Waynesville MO
3-1/4 pounds on pink power bait in zone 3

Raymond Stroppel from Excello, MO
2-1/2 pounds on a minnow in zone 3

Linda Wilhite from Springfield MO
2-1/2 pounds on a minnow in zone 3

Ron Wahlgren from Louisiana MO
2 pounds on a black & yellow wooly bugger in zone 1

Tim Bennett from Jefferson City, MO
2-3/4 pounds on peach salmon power bait in zone 3

Mark Nelson Jr. from Lexington KY
2-3/4 pounds on a yellow & orange marabou in zone 1

Terry Rager from Evansville IN
4 pounds on a black & yellow marabou in zone 1

John Aufderbeide from Columbia MO
2-1/2 pounds in the river on a rapala

Alexander Hink from Gardner, KS
2.9 pounds on a renegade in zone 2

Mitchell Graeler (age 15) from O'Fallon MO
3-1/2 pounds on a yellow & white glo ball in zone 2

Greg Hink from Gardner, KS
3 pounds 10 ounces on a pheasant tail nymph

Dennis Pinero from Madison IL
2 pounds on a white & chartreuse marabou in zone 1

Milt Barr from Jefferson City, MO
3-1/2 pounds on a cinnamon marabou in zone 2

Quote of the Week

Fish slowly and thoroughly. Haste never paid dividends. Never worry about the fellow ahead of you. If you start racing to get ahead of him, he'll probably try to beat you, and from then on it will be nothing but a foot-race instead of a contemplative and inspiring recreation.
Author: Ray Bergman
Published:  Trout

Thank you all for helping to make this a great season.   Lucy

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