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August 22, 2014

How's Fishing?

The rain we have had hasn't affected the stream at all.  It is still sparkling clear and running slow.  There are a lot of things that are working right now.  I have heard a lot of talk about the pink and salmon colors for marabou, as well as for glo balls and power bait. Cracklebacks, especially a blue holographic, or an Adams - size 22 are good choices if you are using your fly rod.  Woolies are another good choice for this time of year for either style of rod.  Brown or gray are good color choices.
 The one thing I would suggest is a longer than normal tippet on the end of your fly rod.  It seems the success rate for catching is related to the extra length especially with the water conditions at this time.   If you are using a spin rod, use two pound line.  If you have a larger reel and you need to use larger line, a leader of two pound line added to the end works very well.  Although fluorocarbon is a poor choice for line to use on a spin rod (excessive memory, stiff casting) it's an excellent choice for tippet material.
As many of you know, we have hosted a group of fly tyers at Weaver's store. It's a great group of eclectic individuals with differing abilities and backgrounds.   There is a new fly that has emerged (pun intended) from this group and they named it 'the weaver'.  It's a wet fly that has been used by several anglers in the group with good success.  If trying a new fly sounds like fun to you, we have for sale  in size 16 and 18 at Weaver's Tackle.

Who's Fishing?

I was introduced to a group of ten men that have been coming to Bennett to fish for over 35 years.  They have a standing reservation at Larry's Cedar Resort and, like many groups that come back year after year, the point of the trip is for the camaraderie and for pure fun.  They said there is very little competition among the group members, and the best fisherman depends on the day.  Three of the guys, Kirk and Dave from Lennox, Iowa, and  Bob from Creston, Iowa are from the original group and have been coming here since 1980.  I also met Matt, who also lives in Lennox and is a friend of theirs, but who could not make the first trip because he was too young.

The first trip was made on a hot August afternoon in 1980 when the 'boys' were in their 20's.  There were seven of them that piled into Bob's Dad's old pickup - three in front and 4 under the shell in the back with all of their equipment.  They were half way here when they ran out of gas in the middle of the night.  It was a long uncomfortable night waiting for the station to open, but it also made a memorable beginning to the tradition for our friends from Iowa.

What's Working?

                             Fly Box
zebra midge - black or olive
RGN's - olive, brown
griffith's gnat
blue holographic crackleback
ginger crackleback
black foam beetle
quill gordon

                               Zones 1 & 2
Brassies, assorted
Marabou -black & yellow, shell & white, moss & yellow, gingersnap, powderpuff pink, pink & white
rooster tail: brown
John Deere and gray deere
gray grub
woolies with spinner, olive, brown, brown with orange hackle
brown roach
glo- balls - dark roe (also with dot)

                                      Zone 3
orange worms with scent
salmon peach power bait
mouse tail, orange with white.

Lunker Club

Miles Eubanks from Springfield IL
2-3/4 pounds on pink & white marabou in zone 2

Howard Ray Gansz from Grafton IL
3&1/2 pounds on a black foam beetle in zone 1

Tut Bellamy from Marshall MO
3 pounds 9 ounces on a quill gordan in zone 1

Harrison Eubanks from Springfield, IL
2 pounds on a pink & white marabou in zone 2

Nolan Beal from Lebanon, MO
6-3/4 pounds on a powder puff  pink marabou in zone 2

- a write in on our board -
Andy Novara from Creal Springs, IL
3 pounds, 1 ounce

Stephen Pyle from Seymour, TN
3 pounds on a home tied jig in zone 1
(the spring hole)

Suzette Conder

Marshall, Missouri

Water Conditions

Bennett Spring:
Color is gin clear and flowing slowly
August 19, 2014
minimum 74 in 1936
25th percentile is 102
current level is 81
Median is 127
Mean is 137
75th percentile is 151
Max was 378 in 1940
Gage house level is 1.85 feet holding steady

Niangua River:

August 19, 2014
Gage House reading is 1.33
minimum was 19 in 2007
25th percentile is 26
Today's (August 19) reading is 30
Median is 39
75th percentile is 54
Mean is 53
Max was 201 in 2013

Calendar of Events

August 26 - Fly tying forum at Weaver's Tackle store.  Open to all.  Learn to tie the Ostego Ant
        Last one for 2014
September 16-17 moss cutting
October 11 - Holland Derby
October 14-15 moss cutting
October 31 - last day of regular trout season
November 14 first day of Catch & Release Season
February 9, 2015 - Catch and Release season ends

Weather Forecast

Thursday: Sunny and hot, with a high near 96. Heat index values as high as 101. Southwest wind 8 to 14 mph.
Friday: Sunny and hot, with a high near 96.
Saturday: Sunny and hot, with a high near 96.
Sunday: Mostly sunny and hot, with a high near 95.
Monday: Sunny and hot, with a high near 93.
Tuesday: Mostly sunny and hot, with a high near 94.

Quote of the Week
Experience usually is what you get when you don't get what you want, but if there were no such thing as optimism, there would be no such thing as fishing.

Micheal McIntosh

Thanks for reading.

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