Monday, June 5, 2017

How's Fishing?

It has been FUN to fish lately.  One angler joked that he believed a bare hook would catch fish!  The fish are good sized, generally 1-1/2 to 2 pounds, and feisty.
 Next weekend is free fishing weekend - you don't need a license or a daily tag to fish in Missouri on Saturday, June 10th or Sunday, June 11th.

This Saturday, June 10th, is also kid's fishing day.  This is a good opportunity to interest the younger generation in the great sport of fishing.  There will be volunteers to help with techniques and setting up fishing poles, goodie bags, and food.  The zone two area is going to be well stocked for the kiddos and will be available to all ages on Sunday.

For those of you that are not currently catching fish here are a couple of ideas that may help.  Make sure your line is light enough, four pound at most, two is better.  For most people the greenish tinted lines are a better choice than the clear and don't sparkle in the water.  Fluorocarbon, while a great choice as far as being invisible in the water, doesn't cast well and can be difficult to manage.  If you would like to use fluorocarbon, a two foot leader of fluorocarbon on the end of your current line would be a good set up.
The water is clearing daily.  Remember also that in these murkier conditions and faster water that the trout are deeper or closer to the edges.  The old adage of 'fish where you would normally stand' works well.  Be aware that your lure is probably not as deep as you think it is.  The strong current can play tricks on you.

What's Working?
From the fly case:
gray scud
Rust RGN's -16
brown copper hot shot
bennett blue crackleback, golden olive crackleback
gold plated head on a ginger wooly

Zone 1 & 2
glo balls -  white with pink dot, original tri color
white floss with red head
Possum hair roach
peach fur bug
peach floss jig
Marabou - , gingersnap, shell & white, shell & brown, salmon & brown, white, ginger, and, of course, black & yellow
bedspread - fished deep

Zone 3
power bait: sherbet, yellow, salmon peach,
salmon eggs
pink & white trout magnet
Orange Worms

Water Conditions

Better water all the time.  We are forecast for an entire week with no rain.  This should impact the stream favorably.

June 5, 2017
Bennett Spring
Gage house level is 2.58
Daily Discharge levels:
All discharge numbers are in Cubic Feet per Second
minimum was 79 in 1936
25th percentile is 133
Median is 180
Mean is 201
75th percentile is 240
current level is 303
Max was 480 in 1935

June 5, 2017
Niangua River conditions
Gage House reading (water level) is 2.33 feet.
Discharge levels in cubic feet per second:
Minimum was 54.7 in 2012
25th percentile is 166
Today's reading is 184
Median is 272
Mean is 302
75th percentile is 466
record high max was 580 in 2013

Lunker Club
Steve Hampton from Linn Creek, MO
2-1/2 pounds on a gingersnap marabou in zone 1

Keith Schuster from Camdenton, MO
2-1/4 pounds on red & white floss jig in zone 1

Keith Schuster from Camdenton, MO
2 pounds on a red & white floss jig in zone 1

Joe Herman from Osage Beach, MO
2-1/4 pounds on a salmon & white marabou in zone 1

Michael Dowling from Kearney,  MO
2 pounds on a ginger marabou in zone 1

Tony Maucelli from Platte City, MO
2-1/4 pounds on a red marabou in zone 1

William Cole from Warrensburg, MO
2 pounds on a black & yellow marabou in zone 1


Kim Smedley from Salisbury, MO
2 pounds on a white grub in zone 2

Jim Nauert from Quincy, ILL
2 pounds on a guienea jig in zone 2

Jason Grosse from Herman, MO
2-1/4 pounds on a peach marabou in zone 2

Brayden Faulkner from Whitehall, IL - 2 fish, same size and lures
2-1/2 pounds on pink & white marabou in  zone 2

Brady Houska from St. Louis, MO
2 pounds on a black & yellow marabou in zone 2


Keaton Smith from Higbee, MO
2-1/8 pounds on a black & yellow marabou in zone 1

Reanne Fitterling from Blue Springs, MO
2 pounds on a spinner in zone 2

Jared Plybon from Fulton, MO
2 pounds on an original tri color glo ball


Johnathan Block from Frankenstein, MO
2-1/2 pounds on a black & yellow marabou in zone 2

Donald Asher from Brookfield, MO
3 pounds on a black & yellow marabou in zone 2

Joe Searcy from Sunrise Beach, MO
2 pounds on a brown wooly in zone 2

Felix Owens from Chesterfield, MO
2-1/2 pounds on a white & peach marabou in zone 2

Grant Schmitz from Jefferson City, MO
4 pounds on a home made bait in zone 3

Mike Mildfelt from Winfield, KS
2-1/2 pounds on salmon & brown marabou in zone 2

Nolan Beal from Lebanon, MO
2 pounds on a home tied fly in zone 1

Fishing Times

June/July       6:30 a.m.                     -   8:30 p.m.
August        7:00 a.m.                   -   8:00 p.m.
September 7:30 a.m.                   -   7:15 p.m.
October        7:30 a.m.                   -   6:30 p.m.

Calendar of Events
June 10th and 11th - Free Fishing
Free fishing for all Missouri residents and out of state anglers state wide.

Saturday, June 10, 2017 -  The annual kids free fishing day (originally in May). special area stocked just for the kids
Time: 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM

Weed Cutting June 28 & 29 @ 8:00 AM

Weed Cutting August 9th & 10th @ 8:00 AM

Weed Cutting September 20th & 21st @ 8:00 AM

Saturday, September 30, 2017
New: Ladies Only Free Fishing Day. No tag needed, just fishing license if required.
Time: 7:30 AM to 7:15 PM

Saturday, October 14, 2017
Two day event October 14th & 15th.
The annual Holland Derby. A trout fishing derby to benefit the cancer society.
Time: 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Weather Forecast

Wednesday: Sunny, with a high near 78. North wind 3 to 7 mph.

Thursday: Sunny, with a high near 81.

Friday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 82.

Saturday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 85..

Sunday: Sunny, with a high near 87.

Quote of the week

A fisherman is always hopeful -- nearly always more hopeful than he has any right to be

Author:  Roderick Haig-Brown

Thanks for reading.


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