Tuesday, July 3, 2018

How's Fishing?

Fishing has been good.  The best times to fish seem to be in the morning and the evenings with the heat.  The afternoon is slower with the trout hanging out in the shade.  The water is low and clear. The trout have been top watering a lot more since the bit of rain we had last week. 

 We are including a link to some of the most used flies at Bennett Spring as well as other popular Missouri Parks. We often refer to these fly patterns in the fishing report as though they are common to everyone.  This article includes what materials are needed to tie them, how to fish with them, and some even include what body of water they are used at.   https://www.ozarkflyfishers.org/fly/flymisc/bst25flies.pdf   

Water Conditions

Bennett Spring
July 1, 2018
Gage house level is 1.80
Daily Discharge levels:
All discharge numbers are in Cubic Feet per Second
minimum was 78.0 in 1934
25th percentile is 123
Current level is 107
Median is 158
Mean is 204
75th percentile is 205
Max was 1630 in 2015

Niangua River
July 1, 2018
Gage House reading (water level) is  feet.
Discharge levels in cubic feet per second:
Minimum was 35.5 in 2012
25th percentile is 72
Median is 111
Today's reading is 38.8
75th percentile is 363
Mean is 214
record high max was 571 in 1995

What's Working?

From the Fly Case

Elk hair caddis
brown mini jigs
white megaworms
brown mop flies
black caddis
Bennett blue crackleback
double trouble
zug bugs

Zone 1 or 2

tricolor glo-ball
pink or salmon colored glo-balls
yellowtail John Deere
John Deere
marabous- white, black and yellow, red and white, peach
brown roostertail
copper tinsel brown trout roostertail
bumblebee roostertail

Zone 3

yellow, orange, and white powerbait

Fishing Times


6:30 A.M. 8:30 P.M.


7:00 A.M. 8:00 P.M.


7:30 A.M.7:15 P.M.


7:30 A.M.6:30 P.M.

Weather Forecast

Tuesday: A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms after 1pm. Mostly sunny, with a high near 91. Heat index values as high as 100. Southeast wind 5 to 7 mph. 

Independence Day: Mostly sunny, with a high near 90. Southeast wind 7 to 9 mph.

Thursday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 91.

Friday: A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Partly sunny, with a high near 89.

Saturday: Partly sunny, with a high near 87.

Sunday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 88.

Lunker Club


Katie Northway from Godfrey, MO
2 pounds in zone 1 on a black and yellow roostertail

Gayle Siecinski from Marceline, MO
 2 1/4 pounds in zone 2 on a white jig


Bob Choate from Marshfield, MO
2 pounds in zone 2 on a Mepps spinner


Scott Wagner from Mt. Vernon, IL
2.3 pounds in zone 1 on a white jig

Aaron Bain from Temple, TX
2 pounds in zone 1 on a black and yellow marabou

Ethan Bain from Houston, TX
 2 pounds in zone 1 with a black and yellow marabou


Tristan Conner from Lewisville, TX
2 pounds in zone 1 on a tricolor glo-ball

Calendar of Events

July 4th - Nature's Fireworks program at the Nature Center at 2 pm.

July 5th - Dan will share his geology and Karst Topography knowledge in a formal presentation at 2 pm at the Nature Center.

July 6th - Ozark Astronomy program at 8:45 pm on Saturday the 30th near the back end of the fish hatchery. He will have a telescope for viewing, presented by Dan.

July 7th - Carol leads a Fish Hatchery Tour at 10 am
11 am Story Time and activity with Patty in the playground near the park store and/or fish hatchery
2 p.m. Program at the Nature Center "How Do We Cross Water" that will involve creating a water vessel by Justine.

July 8th - Ranger Ride at 1 pm, Join Bennett Park Ranger Bobby Sharp at the Fish Hatchery for a bicycle safety check and ride to Shelter A and back.
10 am to 3 pm Sunday Funday - Craft Time at the Nature Center with Justine.

August 8 & 9 Weed Cutting

Sept 19 & 20 Weed Cutting

September 29 Ladies Fishing Day
Activities from 11AM to 2PM
Fishing and Fly Casting Instruction
Girls Fish Free!

October 13 & 14 Holland Derby

Quote of the Week

The fly fishermen who devotes a little of his time to observing ... trout food insects is amply repaid in the knowledge that many trout are caught by reason, and not just good luck.


Norman Marsh

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